Vacation Hair Essentials

Vacation Hair Essentials

There are a few essential hair products I can’t travel without.

Rare Marula oil

I don’t leave home without this healing oil. Not all oils are created equally. This oil is produced from the first pressing of the fruit so it is highly concentrated. This oil can also be used on your skin and hair this multipurpose oil will condition and heal hair as you style. I used the oil to calm down my wild texture when dry and use it to comb out my style after curling.

Wide tooth comb

This is important after a swim in the ocean or pool. Your hair can get tangled and a wide tooth comb will ensure you won’t break your hair while combing.

A good shampoo & conditioner

On this trip I brought @paulmitchell Forever blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. These products are gentle on blonde and highlighted hair, they repair damage and seal the cuticle.


These hair ties are safe to use and are perfect for any hair texture and density.

Rare oil intensive hair masque

My favorite way to enjoy this masque is to apply it after cleansing my hair. Then I create a braid, clip it up on top of my head, fill up the jacuzzi and jump in

All Products are available @limelightstudiohair




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